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DRYFEET All-Weather Technical Compression Sleeve

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DRYFEET Performance Footgear All-Weather Technical Compression Sleeve

DRYFEET All-Weather Technical Compression Sleeve

DRYFEET Performance Footgear is the world’s first all-weather technical compression sleeve that pulls on over your rugby, or football boots, repelling 95% of the water that would otherwise get to your feet.

Never play or train with wet, cold feet ever again!

A tri-laminate hyper-compressed neoprene shield weighing a mere 2oz. and only 2.5mm thick, DRYFEET are ultra-light and ultra-tough. They keep your feet dry when it’s wet, warm when it’s cold, don’t raise foot temperature when it’s hot, improve ball-striking in wet weather – and protect your favourite cleats, making them last longer.

With contoured compression for increased proprioception and stability, your feet will never feel the same way again!


DRYFEET fit any stud patterns with 2 toe & 2 heel studs. Approximately 90% of the most popular boots use this pattern.

DRYFEET will fit 6 studs, however it is not made for them and warranty shall be voided if used on them.

DRYFEET are engineered to fit the most popular moulded rounds, blades and 8-studs on the market.

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