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This Seasons New Boots Are In - Our Guide To Buying the Right Pair

Posted by Vicky Paterson on 7/22/2014 to Rugby
This Seasons New Boots Are In - Our Guide To Buying the Right Pair

This week see’s the launch of our new range of Rugby Boots and Performance Training Wear as well as the introduction of our new brand X Blades. A brand known for its exceptional quality and design, with their boots being worn by many World Class rugby league and union players we know we are keeping good company.

Not all rugby players have the same footwear needs, and if you have never played before (or are experienced and just wondering where all the blisters are coming from) then it is important to understand which boot you need. With this in mind we thought it would be useful to introduce you to our new season offerings and give some guidance on what will work best for your game.

Rugby as a game is changing rapidly; now front row players need to be more mobile and fast on their feet than ever before, while still staying strong in the scrum. We recommend Canterbury’s Stampede boot CCC Stampede Club 8 Stud Rugby Boots Adults which has been designed with a wider fit, and 8 stud option to suit all that a front row player requires. These boots have an internal heel counter which adds to the stability of the boots, useful when being shunted about with huge impact.

We would also suggest you take a look at the Mizuno Timaru Mizuno Timaru 8 Stud Rugby Boots, a classic boot with a proven track record. The secret weapon of which is the reinforced midsole which enhances the stability of the boot and the durable full grain leather material. Keeping them lightweight enough to move around easily but ultimately comfortable enough you’ll be happy to play in them all day.

Back row players are often considered to hold the most gruelling position on the pitch. To take on this position requires a high level of fitness, strength and technique, for which Canterbury have produced the Pheonix CCC Phoenix Club 8 Stud Rugby Boots Adults. These boots are a standard fit, with an 8 stud version available for adults and six stud version for kids, both with reinforced zones for improved durability. The uppers are made of texturized synthetic leather which gives the boots a lightweight and soft feel while still being hard-wearing, perfect for the back row player. They have also reissued the boot in great bright sulphur so there will be no missing you on the pitch.

X Blades back row offering is the Legend Boot XBlades Legend 6 Stud - Black/Green, again available in a 6 or 8 stud option which ensures stability and grip on the pitch, reassuring when you’re simultaneously pushing and being pushed.  X Blades pride themselves on their design and these boots keep it simple in distinct black and green or white and black.  The Legend features an internal heel counter, which really just reinforces the heel of the boot and improves protection and support, something a back row player is often in bad need of.  The boot also benefits from an EVA innersole which helps to frame the foot and minimise any potential injury, something which will concern every rugby player.

Incidentally both these boots would work great for the modern day hooker. Normally this position is associated with the front row of a team but these days a hooker needs a fine balance between being more mobile than the front row yet still able to mix it with the big boys if needed. Therefore they need something both supportive and with traction but light enough for them to keep moving, an 8 stud lightweight boot ideally. Something the Canterbury Pheonix, Stampede and X Blades Legend all provide.

These positions have one thing in common, the need for speed and control. Flankers, often need to be fast and the first to any ball but also have the physical strength to wrestle for the ball when they reach it. The Mizuno Fortuna Mizuno Fortuna 4 SI 6 Stud Rugby Boots, X Blades Legend 6 stud and Canterbury Phoenix 6 stud all balance traction and grip with support and a lightweight finish, an excellent choice for any Flanker or Half Back. While Wingers primarily need to run, their boots need to hug their feet as closely as possible while giving enough support to use some power when required. We would suggest trying the X Blades Young Wild Thing XBlades Young Wild Thing Animal 6 Stud - Black/White/Red or Canterbury Control Club CCC Control Club 6 Stud Rugby Boots Junior, these boots are made and designed for kids, and their eye catching design makes them the ideal choice for the younger player. 

If you need something slightly bigger however we would look again at the Canterbury Pheonix 6 Stud or X Blades Legend 6 Stud, both great quality boots that marry the need for support with lightweight materials and traction perfectly.

If you’re looking for anymore clarification on what boots are for you then check out Canterbury’s season offering ‘Make the Team – Boots For Your Position’. A really well shot campaign that features championship side London Scottish FC. It tells the story of the players, their positions and what boots they helped them in their role in the game.