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Games Diary - 5 Reasons to remember the Games

Posted by Vicky Paterson on 8/4/2014 to Commonwealth Games 2014

As was with London 2012, The Tour De France Tour of Britain, The Autumn Tests at Murrayfield and now with Glasgow 2014.  This is a nation that watches and supports sport in huge numbers, even if we don't necessarily like the sport(the constant crowds at lawn bowls).  As was seen with the Marathon last Sunday and the final event, the Cycling Road Race yesterday.  Even if the great Scottish summer is throwing all it has down on us we will still turn up and cheer from the sidelines.  This is why sporting bodies will keep looking to stage major events here (except possibly Fifa), you can't buy or guarantee that level of support anywhere else.  The people of Glasgow's humour and cheer was also evident throughout all the competitions, whether it was cheering on the underdog team (Barbados) while they are getting thrashed by New Zealand in the Seven's tournament.  Or spontaneously bursting into a rendition of The Proclaimers "(I would walk) 500 Miles" to make Usain Bolt dance in the 400m finals, we made the Scottish spirit felt and it was braw!



We knew we were never going to match Danny Boyle's epic 2012 opening production, on budget or explosives.  The organising committee took this on board though and didn't try to. Instead produced a Tunnocks and tartan filled masterpiece which epitomized Scottish humour and culture perfectly.

The Closing Ceremony was good, but there was far too much focus on surfing, beautiful sunshine and Australian pop stars for our liking, it wasn't quite a match for the opening. However was perfectly finished with Dougie Maclean and 'Caledonia' and finally 'Auld Lang Syne', fitting end to a fantastic couple of weeks.


We love our rugby at PSL, really love rugby and having printed the Uganda shirts the day before we were very excited to see some Seven's action.  The whole experience at Ibrox was surreal, from the entire 50,000 crowd roaring whenever a Uganda or Barbados player made a break away.  The pitchside presenter getting people to do the Highland Fling or take part in sing a longs - not that they needed much encouragement.  The matches as well provided great entertainment, the mighty All Black's almost beaten by Scotland, then actually losing to South Africa in an intense final for the first time in Commonwealth history.  It was a two day rugby fest filled with typical Scottish humour and entertainment, just how we like it.



With quite a few cycling enthusiasts working at PSL and club collections under production here the cycling was a big hit in the office.  No more so than paralympic cyclist Sophie Thornhill. Thornhill is a double world champion and world record holder in the tandem and sprint and time trial.  She took Gold at Glasgow with her pilot Helen Scott which was no surprise really, when asked this as the pinnacle of her career.  Why?!  Because she competed on the same level as 'able - bodied' athletes, highlighting that inclusion is the way forward whether male, female paralympic or able bodied.  A great message to be taken forward.


The show of talent at the Commonwealth Games was phenomenal.  Although there were no Gold Medals in the pool during London 2012 the Commonwealth Games showed young Scottish athletes like Hannah Miley, Erriad Davies and Ross Murdoch, as well as fellow Brits Adam Peaty and Ben Proud showed that Rio 2016 could get some pride back in the pool.  There was also the Judo.  The Scottish Judo squad racked up a haul of 13 medals, 6 of which were Gold.  Sadly Judo has been axed from Gold Coast 2018 so it would seem for now the legacy left by our Judo squad is staying firmly with Glasgow 2014.  Not to mention the 'pocket rocket' Claudia Frangapane from England.  She is only 4ft 6 inches tall but went away with 4 Gold medals. Her floor routine blew the judges away with it's mixture of hip hop body popping and beautiful back flips and turns and sent her into the history books....at sixteen!

We couldn't finish without adding a cheeky number 6 in.  We have had the privilege to work with Scottish Hockey this year as their Teamwear Alliance partner and watching them compete at the Games was incredibly exciting for us and everyone who was watching.  Although coming away medalist they played incredibly well and we are sure have inspired many to get involved in the sport!