Games Diary - 5 Reasons to remember the Games

Posted by Vicky Paterson on 8/4/2014 to Commonwealth Games 2014
The Commonwealth Games ended with a bang last night with a send off with a festival theme, bagpipes, ceilidh dancing and of course.... Kylie Minogue.  It has been a "Pure dead brilliant" couple of weeks (as described by Prince Imran, President of the Commonwealth Game Federation.) and Glasgow and it's people have put on an amazing show.  Although some of the biggest names in world sport failed to turn up for the Games there have been some serious moments to savour, and here our 5 favourites which illustrate exactly why Glasgow's have been the best Games ever.


Games Diary - Day 10

Posted by Vicky Paterson on 8/2/2014 to Commonwealth Games 2014
We have reached the business end of the Commonwealth Games this weekend.  It is the second last day of competition today and the closing ceremony tomorrow night at Hampden Park where Australian and Scottish culture will clash, signalling the end of the games here and start of the build up to Gold Coast 2018.  Right now though back to the present and the events happening all over Glasgow today.

Games Diary - Days 8 & 9

Posted by Vicky Paterson on 8/1/2014 to Commonwealth Games 2014
Have been really enjoying watching all the athletics over the past couple of days, and having just watched Lynsey Sharp take silver in the 800m in a photo finish at Hampden. We are relishing in the amount of home grown sporting talent we have and have seen perform over the past 9 days.  With only two days to go we will wrap up what has been going on over the past two days, and look forward to seeing the world fastest man in action tonight.


Games Diary - Day 7

Posted by Vicky Paterson on 7/30/2014 to Commonwealth Games 2014
A week ago today the Games roared into life among dancing teacakes, tartan and Scottie Dogs.  After a sad but well fought defeat to England in the Women's Hockey, Day 7 was all about the Athletics, and diving.  Plus a cheeky potential comment from star Usain Bolt, but as it is being vehemently denied we won't go into that.


Games Diary - Days 5 & 6

Posted by Vicky Paterson on 7/29/2014 to Commonwealth Games 2014
There has been so much positive feedback from people who have visited Glasgow during the Commonwealth Games.  We knew all along that it was a brilliant and vibrant place full of friendly people but for visitors to be experiencing that as well is great to see.  

Games Diary - Weekend Round Up

Posted by Vicky Paterson on 7/27/2014 to Commonwealth Games 2014
The Commonwealth competition has really heated up over the weekend, with several shock performances and upsets, and with one athlete positioning themselves to make Commonwealth Games history. ...

Games Diary - The Opening Ceremony & Day 1

Posted by Vicky Paterson on 7/25/2014 to Commonwealth Games 2014

The Glasgow Commonwealth Games kicked off on Wednesday night in spectacular fashion, showcasing some iconic Scottish cliches. Danny Boyles London 2012 extravaganza was always going to be a tough act to follow and to the credit of the Glasgow 2014 organisers they didn't attempt to replicate it. Instead a steady stream of tartan, bagpipes, Tunnocks teacakes and a parade of Scottish achievements is what viewers and spectators were treated to. This was Glasgow in full party mode and in typical Glaswegian style nothing was taking too seriously but instead with a great sense of humour and fun. An amazing way to kick off the next ten days of sport and celebration in the city and we are looking forward to seeing what there is to come.

Games Diary - Day 2

Posted by Vicky Paterson on 7/25/2014 to Commonwealth Games 2014


I read a quote today in a newspaper which described the joy that comes with watching events like the Commonwealth Games.  The journalist described how you watch events you wouldn't normally take an active interest in and yet with people gathering from around the world you get caught up in the atmosphere of it all. That couldn't be more apt for the feeling in Glasgow at the moment, the city is buzzing and it is great to see so many nationalities all gathering for one reason! The on going heat wave in Glasgow has brought the crowds out, and with the crowds gathering at Commonwealth events, and the weather set to get even hotter this weekend is sure to bring out a great atmosphere in the city and some great sporting moments.  Day two of the Games saw our teamwear alliance Scottish Hockey in action as well as in cycling, swimming and weightlifting.